Become a Volunteer at Aalborg Pride

Become a driving force for diversity and inclusion — We are always on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers to strengthen Aalborg Pride. Sign up now and make a difference!


As a volunteer for Aalborg Pride, you get the opportunity to assist behind the scenes on the year’s most festive and colorful day. The day will offer a fantastic atmosphere, as well as the joy of being able to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in its diversity! You also get the opportunity to hang out with other like-minded people, which could be the start of lifelong friendships.

Everyone is welcome to volunteer – whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or want to participate as an ally, we warmly welcome everyone!

In addition to the opportunity to help out at one of the year’s coolest events, as well as the prospect of making new friends and acquaintances within the LGBTQ+ community, we will of course also provide food and drink during the day!

Below you can read about the different tasks we have for this year’s Pride in Aalborg.


Our ‘morning team’ will be our ‘handy people,’ helping with the final setup of the Pride. You can expect various types of tasks, but it will primarily be practical tasks such as setting up tents or preparing areas. The position is ideal for those who want to lend a hand before the parade itself, so you also get the opportunity to participate in it.

BAR(18+ only):
As part of the bar crew, your main task will be to serve drinks to thirsty guests. You should be prepared for a position where there’s a ‘rush,’ and where you’ll deal with many people in a short time. It’s not a requirement to have bar experience, and you can expect to receive training from our bar managers, so you’re well-prepared for the task. We only open the bars when the parade reaches Karolinelund, but there may be a need for setting up the bar, carrying drinks in place, fetching cups, etc., before that.

As volunteers for Crew / Catering, you’ll work with preparing and selling food – both to the Pride’s hungry participants and to all the volunteers helping out during the day. If you like working with food and are somewhat service-minded, then this is the task for you.

As a safety guard, you’re responsible for everyone having a good time at the Pride. You should also expect to be the one who ‘guides’ the parade around the city and ensures that the Parade proceeds as it should. You’ll typically work in pairs, so you always have a friend by your side throughout the day. You’ll work closely with our experienced security managers, and if uncomfortable situations arise, they will take care of it.

AFTER-PARTY (limited number):
We need a handful of people to help at the Aalborg Pride after-party. Here, you’ll check tickets, assist in the cloakroom, and help our experienced security managers maintain good order. Your primary task, however, is to ensure that everyone has a great, safe, and secure party all night long. Your work hours will be between 8:00 PM and 4:00 AM, where there will also be ample opportunity to participate in the festivities yourself. It’s an advantage if you’ve been a guard at an afterparty before, but this is not a requirement, and you will be well introduced to the role regardless.

Volunteers in our info tent will help with a diverse range of tasks. Primarily, you’ll receive people who have questions, as well as help people navigate the Pride area. In addition, you’ll be responsible for selling Aalborg Pride merchandise, setting up booths, assisting partners, and much more. You’ll work closely with the board, and you can always reach out to them if you’re in doubt about anything. If you’re a service-minded person, then you’ll be perfect for this task!

The ‘runner’ position consists of all tasks on the day. Here, you’ll help to ‘put out fires’ during the Pride. You’ll work closely with our volunteer coordinator, and you can expect to be assigned all sorts of tasks – big and small. As a runner, you’ll have a blast – but remember to wear your fast shoes, because it’s going to be a busy day!

’’Put me wherever you need me’’:
The last option is for those who are ready for any task and are willing to be placed wherever there is the most need, according to our planning. So if you just want to help out and are not ‘picky’ about the type of task you are assigned, then this is the right role for you! It makes our job a little easier, and we will try to accommodate any preferences you may have.  😊

Remember, as volunteers we all contribute where the need is greatest, so everyone can have a fantastic day. Of course, we strive for everyone to have the opportunity/time to participate in the Parade, but there are some tasks that need to be carried out during the parade. However, we aim to accommodate people’s wishes to take part in it.😊

We can’t wait to meet all you fabulous souls and have an absolutely glittering,
show-stopping, fabulous day together🌈✨